New PTB-Approvals

In the beginning of 2007 ZEMIC presented seven new OIML R60 C3-Approvals by PTB:

- on truck scale transducers BM14A, BM14C and BM14K,
- on double shear beam load cells HM9C and H9C (also class C4),
- on BM11 (fully encapsulated bending beam, IP68), and
- on single point load cell L6Q (also class C4).

For further information please check CERTIFICATES-page and do hot hesitate to contact us!



New PTB-certificates

In last two months ZEMIC received several new test cercificates issued by PTB, Germany:
- Two models, L6G and H3, gained accuracy class C4,
- Two models got their capacity ranges extended: H3 from 100 kg now up to 2500 kg, and H8C from 0,5 t to 10 t,
- Six new models gained OIML R60 C3-approvals: B3G (S-type load cell), L6E3, L6F, L6N, L6W (Single Point load cells) and HM9B (Dual Shear Beam for truck scales).
For further information please check CERTIFICATES-page and do hot hesitate to contact us!



New NMi-certificate

Last week we received Rinstrum's latest Type Approval by NMi. The official Dutch testing and certification institute completed tests on the DC-Version of Rinstrum R420 and issued the Approval on November 25th, 2005.

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New ZEMIC loadcells catalogue

We have just received the new ZEMIC loadcells catalogue. You can request pdf-version of the catalogue by sending e-mail to





International Technical Fair - Plovdiv 2005

Thank you for visiting our stand at International Technical Fair Plovdiv 2005 and pointing a great interest in our products! We are looking forward to welcome you at Hall 8, second floor, stand L2 (8IIL2) in 2006, again!






New Certificates

We have just received three new OIML R60C3 certificates for ZEMIC loadcells B8D,BM14G and H8 issued by PTB, Germany.



Rinstrum R400

The R400 series of weight indicator has been launched onto the marketplace. This powerful instrument carries both the Rin-SNAP and Rin-BLOC features which allow it to be configured for virtually ANY application using a simple number of basic components. more




The R320 has superb stability and performance including Trade Approval with OIML and NSC to 4,000 divisions. 5 point linearising is standard.
The programmable function key can be configured for any one of the built-in functions (Counting, Manual Hold, Peak Hold, Live Weight Totalising). The built-in 15kV protected RS232 serial port can perform almost any communications role. It has a built-in opto-isolated Rin-LINK data coupling for safe PC programming.
Two isolated transistor setpiont outputs provide for basic weight-control or level-control functions.
The unit can be battery powered for portable or isolated applications. more



R323-SH - IP67 stainless steel housing

The weight indicator R323-SH is a new member of the R300 series and is meant for food and chemical industry applications, where highest hygiene is required. The full stainless steel housing provides IP67 protection class. The R323-SH is available as DC version (12-32VDC) or with in-build AC power supply (110-240VAC).
Of course all features of the R300 series are implemented as the rin-LINK optical service interface, OIML test certificate, EC-type approval, LCD 20mm high with backlight, RS232 interface, 2x digital output, real time clock and calendar and function key.

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